Why DoByLearning Exists

Most resources for people who want to go their own way have issues

  • They talk about the obvious things on the surface, but they Lack Substance
  • They are either too Academic in nature … or they only Echo What People Want to Hear
  • They make Crude Assumptions regarding your skill level and goals
  • They want to Dump Their Content and be done with it
  • They lack explanations and Fail To Provide The Reasoning behind decisions
  • They only show Isolated Solutions for Isolated Problems and ignore The Other Skill, namely taming complexity
  • They present Opinions As Facts


More often than not, your biggest issues are never addressed

  • How do you avoid wasting time on outdated or wrong material?
  • How do you know if you are cut out for it?
  • How do you choose an entry point …
    • … especially without closing any doors?
    • How do you know if a goal or project is even feasible?
  • Can you make victory pay at all?
    • Maybe all low hanging fruits have already been picked?
    • Can you even catch up with professionals who have started programming in their teens?
    • How do you stand out and get noticed?
  • You either have too many ideas, interests and visions – or too few.
  • How do you respond to hostility on Social Platforms


DoByLearning is for people who feel that they need a better map for the maker world

  • You can follow our Blog to see project progress and the reasoning behind key decisions
  • You can sign up for the Mailing List
  • You can support DoByLearning as a Patron and get access to a discussion board
  • Once there is enough interest, there will be Open Online Workshops where teams tackle challenges
  • Once there is enough interest, there will be additional content at
    • FirstCodeContact.com – gentle introductions to coding technologies
    • StartupExample.com – verbose documentation for maker projects